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Posted by Dave Beson on November 18, 2010


Well, GM is back from the brink of bankruptcy and the new stock rolled out to enthusiastic buyers, investors, and believers! I believe. Really, I do.

What do I believe? Well, for starters, if you can cut the waste, improve designs, and really focus you will win. So will GM. And if you can find more buyers, you will win even bigger!

So GM is heading to CHINA to sell cars. They have 11% of the market there, and have a shot at doubling that!

How many homes are you selling in China? Irrelevant.

Okay, what would you have to do to re-invigorate your real estate business?

I made a list and have tested it on the best minds in real estate. Here are the five key tips:

1. Re-discover and promote your UCA, that’s your Unfair Competitive Advantage or Sizzle. What makes you special? At Ruth’s Chris they get $35 for 8 oz. of beef because the plates are red hot and the butter is not just melted, but sizzling. What have you got?
2. It’s the price, stupid. That’s right. We used to believe that have a home listed for sale at the right price initially was key. Now we know that having a good price to start AND MAKING IT BETTER AS YOU GO IS ESSENTIAL. In a changing market you must have a changing price and value offer, especially where inventory overwhelms the shoppers.
3. Focus your efforts. Who knew that Chevy’s would sell in China? Thank the Lord Chrysler planted some seeds over there, because they need the harvest! Where are you planting seeds for future gains? Past customers, clients, first time buyers, move-ups, foreclosures, short sales, reo’s, etc. Pick any three and FOCUS TO WIN!
4. Change your viewpoint. You know in Alaska they are fond of saying that with sled dogs the view only changes for the LEAD DOG! If you aren’t the lead dog, take a look at your view. If it’s the same-old, same-old, turnaround, look in the mirror, and make a spin move. What do I mean? Go to the office 2 hours earlier. Take a client to lunch. A void the negative Nellies and energy vampires in the office. Be UP! Play music louder. Work-out, lose 5#’s, get a dramatic haircut. Wear purple. See what I mean. Remind yourself that you can change! It’s like this: “CHANGE – OR BE CHANGED!”
5. In summary: Be willing to learn in order to earn in our challenging market. Sellers have never needed us more. Banks need us. Buyers need us to sort out the market and make the offer on the right house. Oh, my, there is so much to do. Where will you start?

Here’s a suggestion: Attend my webinar entitled “THE BOOM, THE BUST, AND THE BOUNCE: HOW TO WIN FASTER AND HAVE FUN IN THE REAL ESTATE RECOVERY.” It’s FREE! Send an email to me at coach@davebeson.com, and I’ll send you an official invitation.
Coming soon!



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They are Fixin’ to Rise

Posted by Dave Beson on June 2, 2010

Zig Ziglar "See You at The Top"

Pat Zaby "Master Your Marketing"

The Bounce - Are You Ready?

My friend Pat Zaby and I love to remember Zig Ziglar stories.  Including the one about Zig preparing biscuits with his nanny back in his Southern home.  Story goes that the nanny was preparing biscuits.  Zig asked if it was time to put the rolled out biscuits in the oven. “No, honey.  They are fixin’ to rise!”  That means they needed a little time to rise before baking.  Zig wondered what would happen if they were cooked right away.  So they slid a few into the oven and they turned out like crackers, or poker-chips, not like big fluffy biscuits. “What happened?” asked little Zig.  “Honey, they was cooked in the squat.  Yup, they were in the squat and fixin’ to rise!”

Now you have to be a big Zig Ziglar fan to remember that story by heart.  But I do.  And the punchline is really “cooked in the squat.”  But that wouldn’t mean much without the context, would it?

Last week I heard Zig live and in person.  He’s 83!  He’s a shadow of his former self.  Zig took a tumble inside his house and has some memory issues. Even as he was helped to the stage by his daughter,  I could remember his greatest days.  And his video clips showed him at full strength.  Zig’s motto: “If you’ll help enough other people get what you want, you will surely get what you want!”
Sometimes Zig can’t remember what he just said. So he repeats himself. When a member of the audience objected that he had “already said that a minute ago” he promptly responded “I know, I know.  But I didn’t thing YOU GOT IT–THE FIRST TIME!”
After the video clips of Zig in his element over 40 years ran out, the lights came up, and he was gone.  I fear the loss of Zig Ziglar.  But I have his mantra, and my memories.
I know one thing for sure, real estate markets and the economy are “fixin’ to rise!”  Even the negative naysayers see hope, currently clouded by Euro worries, International economic and political uncertainty, and continued high unemployment.  The numbers will get better when we do!
So, do something great for yourself and quit watching the oil spill, the BP press conferences, and the hand-wringing.  It’s a tragedy of cosmic proportions, yes.  But what would be even worse is if your thinking were to become polluted by the spill and you were to give up on your aspirations for a better day, a better week, a better life for you and your family.
What ONE THING can you do in the next 30 minutes to improve your outlook and your results?  Clean up your desk, get up and call someone, or go for a walk to clear your mind.  Stop cold where you are an re-organize to eliminate STINKIN’ THINKING!  Zig used to call it Psycho Sclerosis — or Hardening of the Attitudes.
I’m looking UP!  I’m organizing, sending 5 notes, and packing for a busy trip of agent interviews, sunshine, golf, and writing for the new book “THE BOUNCE: How to Prepare for the Real Estate Recovery.”  Look for more information on this ebook to be released on July 4, 2010!
Please let me know what you’re doing to find your path, and to move forward, won’t you?

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Oil Slick Slips Up Expectations and Aspirations

Posted by Dave Beson on June 2, 2010

It’s sad that an oil slick can endanger the Southeastern part of the US and make us fearful.  I’m flying there today.

While we recoil in fear of the unknown and use technology to view the THOUSANDS of barrels of oil that continue to gush, and may until August or forever, we deal with our own uncertainty.

Obama can use strong language, appoint oversight councils, and shout down the stock of BP and oil drillers, producers and companies in 37 minutes or less.  As he did yesterday.  Some of those stocks dropped 15% in a half-hour, yet the oil has leaked for more than a month and will continue to do so.

Even if you aren’t in the affected area, you are affected.  This is as hopeless as the manned space program and the walk on the moon was hopeful.

Add some Euro pressure, a few riots in the streets of Greece, and some Israeli conflict and we have a giant mess, on June 2.  What a struggle it will be to make it to Independence Day on July 4!

Ah, but we have the resolve and the muster to overcome these distant doubts and fears and to focus on the ones right here, right now.  Can we empower ourselves to lead ourselves today, one step at a time? Will you do the right thing at your house?  At the office?  In your next interview?  Focus intensely on the part of the foreseeable future that you CAN CONTROL!

I will take a ten minute walk to clear my head and prepare for something good.  I’ve just got time, before the rain comes in.  What will you do in the next ten minutes?

Please write me and let me know what’s working for you.

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Boom, Bust, and now THE BOUNCE!

Posted by Dave Beson on February 24, 2010

In thinking about the real estate meltdown and our eventual recovery I came upon the idea of a BOOM, a BUST, and a BOUNCE.

In the stock market, when stocks go too high, they meltdown, too. And when confidence returns in a jittery, uneven, volatile way, values are compressed as nervous sellers bail out on any little recovery. This creates and OVERSOLD situation. Naturally, after too much selling, and low prices, volume returns and prices begin to BOUNCE.

In parts of California, restrictive zoning and lack of inventory gave way to massive building and a wave of million dollar homes everywhere.  Now the meltdown brings lower prices and less confidence.  But with all those freeways, all the fabulous California lifestyle, do you expect people to stay away from California?  Not if they find our houses cost 30% less.  Am I right? When will California be regarded as OVERSOLD?

Canadians flocked to Scottsdale and scooped up properties for virtually half-price.  There are still deals to be had.  But with 5% interest rates and a (slowly) recovering economy, how long will it take to absorb the inventory and get prices firmer?  Two years?  Three years?  So what.  If you are a real estate broker or agent with 20 years experience, that means that 10% of your career was spent in bliss from 2003-2004, 25% was spent in stress from 2005-2012, and the rest is improving market. By the time you have 30 years experience you’ll be riding high in the saddle, again!  When will the Scottsdale market be regarded as OVERSOLD?  Have you already missed it?  Then it’s time to ramp-up for the BOUNCE.

So exactly what should you be doing as a broker to attract and keep agents of  the future?  Please tell me your opinon.

As an agent, what should you be doing now to be positioned to do 2-3 times as many transactions as the market recovers, so you can make the same money you made at the height of the market?  Please tell me your ideas.

In my book I reveal strategies being used by agents selling anywhere from 4 to 400 homes a year and doing so with a profit.  I also reveal key steps for brokers to take in order to create the brokerage of the future.  It may be virtual, it may be right-sized and looking more like a Starbucks than a cubical farm.  Or it may be a hybrid.

I’m not asking anyone to buy my book right now.  I’m asking for the best minds to contribute as we pull it all together.  Your thoughts?
Will that happen in real estate? Is it already happening in Scottsdale, Stockton, and Sarasota? News accounts and negative media are starting to let a little bit of the recovery light shine in.

My book proposes that agents and brokers can prepare now so as to be positioned to maximize their BOUNCE and recovery. As a industry leader and influencer, what do you think the chances are that real estate will see a significant BOUNCE?


In your opinion, how should agents and brokers prepare now to get ready?

May we quote you?

Many thanks!

Dave Beson, Author
The Boom, The Bust and THE BOUNCE
Publication Date: July 4, 2010

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Tech Tour Seminar Schedule 2010

Posted by Dave Beson on December 10, 2009

January 3, Ft. Myers, FL

January 4, TBD

January 23, Tallahassee, FL

January 24, TBD

Other January Dates Available NOW!

Please contact Jessica@davebeson.com or call 1-800-242-3031.

Dates subject to change.

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Master Trainer and Tech Titan Join Forces for 2010

Posted by Dave Beson on December 10, 2009

Master Speaker Dave Beson and Master of Technology Jim Casey are joining forces to lead the way to better times in 2010.

Dave Beson, speaker of 34 years and Jim Casey, Hollywood Stage Dad and Featured speaker at Mastermind and Master Your Marketing Events have joined forces to present       “TURNAROUND YOUR YEAR WITH REAL ESTATE TECH TOOLS.”  This new seminar combines Dave’s street-smart negotiation and presentation ideas with Jim’s best technology time-savers and money-makers.

Beson said, “Anyone in real estate that wants 2010 to be 20% to 100% bigger and better needs to invest the time to attend this action-packed seminar.”  He mentioned that he has spoken for 34 consecutive years at NAR Conventions and that this year, the tables turned.  The time to ‘get ready’ is getting shorter, and shorter as the market recovers, and consumer confidence reaches for 5% interest, tax credits, and the chance to steal a home.  If you are not taking vitamins and working out, you can’t be ready!

He added: “Good enough is not good enough.  Wise agents who look ahead and work harder now will get paid double-over-time in years to come.”

Casey hung up the phone from a team consulting call with agents selling 300 homes a year and said: “They would be lost, or stuck at a level half-as profitable if they did not use their contact management and tech tools to the maximum advantage.  I want to help MORE PEOPLE!” Casey has made over 100 presentations on the REAL ESTATE TECH TOUR, including speaking to over 1,000 agents on how to revolutionize their technology and master their marketing.  He regularly consults with some of the TOP 100 Agents in the USA.  Now he can help you get started, go faster, or get to the next pinnacle of success.

The seminar covers over 100 key ideas to revolutionize your marketing, follow-up, presentations, web presence, and free marketing.  In fact, there is a 100 page manual available FREE to anyone who attends the program.   A follow-up webinar covers action items and helps make sure the ideas are converted into ACTION.

Live seminars are not DEAD!  If you want to grow your business faster, and make all the right moves, then quit watching night time webinars and schedule this seminar to get you JUMPSTARTED for 2010.

This is THE SEMINAR!  Who else offers a money-back guarantee, a FREE 100 page manual, a FREE follow-up webinar, and the experience of nearly 50 years of seminars all over the World?  No one!

If you know a broker, an office or a Board of REALTORS looking for an amazing program that will put money in the pockets of REALTORS and add a spring to their step, then you must send them a link to this message.

Want to know more?  To find out more about when the “TURNAROUND YOUR YEAR WITH REAL ESTATE TECH TOOLS” seminar will be available in your area, please check the schedule at davebeson.wordpress.com.  Or, call 1-800-242-3031.

These seminars are booking fast.  Seminars are available in FLORIDA in January with no airfare, no hotel expense, and liberal PR partnerships.  If you have a group and a meeting, call now and ask for JESSICA at 1-800-242-3031.  Additional tours now being scheduled!

Please email info@davebeson.com.

Enjoy this first quarter BONUS offer and get on the calendar now!

Limited Time Offer, http://www.davebeson.com, All Rights Reserved.

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Top 100 Women Teach Lessons

Posted by Dave Beson on September 10, 2009

Fortune Magazine has released their list of the top 100 women in the US.  These are women who lead “for profit” companies.  Oprah is #6.  Anne Mulcahey, who brought Xerox back from the brink and moved them to the top of the heap in digital printing and business document services recently handed off her CEO position to another female.  The first such handoff in the history of the top 100.  A milestone.

You are an original.  An entrepreneur.  So you don’t want to make a XEROX of you.  Instead you’d like to make a better you and manage your energy and business for better results, with less fear.  To do so, heed the words of Anne Mulcahey as she talked today on CNBC about being conservatively optimistic about 2010.  I took notes that I think convey important ideas for me and my business in 2010.  See what fits for you in the items below.  “If the shoe fits, wear it!”

2010: Your Vision

There is uncertainty about 2010.  So be conservative.  There is not enough world-wide positives to get bullish on the International expansion.  (However you, personally, can have a good year by standing out, and rising above the crowd.)

Keys to sustaining: (My comments in parentheses.)

Balance sheet strong.  (Your assets less your liabilities should be a positive number.  Beware debts! Increasing debts while asset values are not increasing is creating a negative net worth.)

Costs under control.  (Part of all you earn is yours to keep. Earning more than you spend and investing the difference in a safe place or a growing place should be a lifetime habit.)

Do not mortgage the future.  (Reduce debt, enjoy small luxuries like great coffee or thick towels and do so on your “staycation.”)

It’s important not to be scared.  Embrace the future.  Do not cut back on R and D.  (Research and Development to companies is like learning, coaching, reading, and  being willing to try new things in your business.  Work an hour a day ON THE BUSINESS, and improve the value of your time WORKING IN THE BUSINESS.)

Focus on your do-ability. (The market is tougher.  However you have tremendous power to DO!)

In summary, Anne was conservative, but focused.  Intense, yet real.

My hope for you, and for your family and team is that you can weather this storm or uncertainty and recovery by hunkering down, focusing your effort, being clear on what’s important, and calling your learning and your failures a part of your RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT!

You are a work in progress.  Get to work!

What’s NEXT?



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If it is to be, it is up to me.

Posted by Dave Beson on August 27, 2009

As a possibility thinker and self-made man I am generally enthusiastic.  And I see opportunity.  However we both know that in a tough market you experience and “feel” setbacks.  Adversity makes you stronger.  Like a broken bone, once healed, you will be reinforced by your learning and your stiving in face of resistance.

If you’ve been in the business for a few years, or 34 years like me, then we have a lot to be proud of.  You and I have had success in great measure by delivering services to our customers.  We understand their expectations, we look for our competitive edge and “sharpen our saw” with training and practice, in order to deliver above average results.  That’s the definition of a professional. Accenture claims that success is 20% talent and 80% effort.  They use Tiger’s picture with that quote, hitting out of a three foot rough patch.  So, it’s okay to try harder!

One more thing that is essential to being and becoming more professional is a strong sense of “self-responsibility.”  If you want to be in the masses, blame someone else for your shortcomings or failures.  Blame the economy.  Blame Obama.  Blame Congress.  Or blame the media.  If you want to rise above the norm, you accept the challenge to stand out because of your personal determination, your “true grit.”

In the early years of 2000, up to 2005, real estate values climbed. Interest rates stayed low.  When the stock market suffered the Internet implosion and stocks fell back to earth, real estate values and sales continued to rise.  Real estate agents were able to deliver inventory instead of service, because the market was hungry.  Buyers had supreme confidence in their decision to buy. As agents, as trainers, we looked very bright and were paid well.  We bought houses, cars, and invested in our 401k’s and other accounts.

This is a tough market.  After 2005  real estate took a hit.  Consumer confidence and the buyers willingness to buy was damaged by an economic meltdown, a crisis of banking and the financial system, and by increasing unemployment and global economic chaos.  The “wealth effect” and the good feelings faded, and folks clamped down their wallets and quit spending.  Most homebuyers acted like they were born in Missouri, the “show me” state.  Sellers asked too much, buyers were reluctant to offer, and we had a standoff in the market for a year or two. Now short sales, foreclosures and motivated sellers are helping buyers to buy.

The past two years have taken a toll on the agent population. Agents left the business by the hundreds, or thousands.  Many stayed, but sold no real estate in 2008.  They paid their dues and decided to stick it out in 2009.  Some are still waiting.  Perhaps this testy market will “career adjust” a substantial per centage of the agents, and leave more transactions for those who are leaders, or top performers.

Who will be a survivor? Ask yourself these questions:

Who is re-training in preparation for a better market?  Few.

Who is rising early each day to learn their technology, add innovations to their website, and to explore partnering or other solutions to help deal with the heavy load of this market?  Even fewer.

Who is connecting with past customers, clients, sphere of influence, and all inquiries in order to fill their pipeline with ready, willing, able, and (soon) motivated customers? I hope you are!

Where do you want to be in three years?  In real estate?  At a higher level of production and satisfaction?  Hmmm.

In my LIFE SUCCESS COACHING program we ask each student to spend time with this key question: “If we were to work together for the next three years and our work was very successful…what would have to happen for you and your career in that time?”  Write out your achievements and your improvements, and you’ll have a prescription for change and innovation, over time.

Start by looking at the destination, three years out. See major changes that need to take place.  Be more organized, use my digital tools, have a database of 1000, sell 50 homes.  Now back up to one year out.  What would have to happen this year to get you on that path?  Back up to 6 months out.  What has to happen in six months?  What course, designation, or mentoring do you need?  Now look at the first month.  What must happen now to prepare you for the three year journey?  And tomorrow.  “This could be the start of something good!”

People do things for their own reasons.  Not someone else’s.  So look for your motivation to achieve.  It may be for the love of your family.  It may be for long-term economic wealth, or it may be for social or esteem needs — you want to be seen as a “winner.”  Whatever floats your boat is okay with me.

The Howard Brinton organization has always said that you must have a “have to.”  That is for your own reasons, you must have targets and hold yourself accountable. I believe that has never been more true than today.

So, in your quest for success, remember that it is a journey.  And if anyone should be so kind as to mentor you, train you, or help you to help yourself up, say thank you.  And then work hard, focus, and prepare to take credit. Because however things turn out, your success or your failure is yours.

What are you working on?  Jot me a note…

Truly, now is the time to reinforce your notion of personal responsibility.  If it is to be, it is up to YOU!

What’s Next?


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HELP! Get Professional Help, While You Can!

Posted by Dave Beson on August 25, 2009

Today’s entrepreneur is called upon to be the master of many missions.  Who can vision their business, prospect, present, and perservere through the toughest real estate market in years and still smile?  Those who have assistance.  A personal assistant.  A partner.  A technology-wise helper who can follow-through on details, organize a mailing or emailing, and even pick up the phone to call potential buyers and sellers.

Where do you get a dream assistant for $20 an hour or less?  Who’s going to train them?  How can you get them for a few hours now, and more later, if and when you need them?

The answer: Use a Virual Assistant from Steve Kantor and his team.

I just hung up from a phone call which brought me up to date on the real estate market as seen through the best writers, best agents, and Stars of the Howard Brinton StarPower Network.  Knowing Howard and the Stars, and knowing Steve and his writing is a good jump-start for your business.  In fact, you may know Steve Kantor as the author of BILLION DOLLAR REAL ESTATE AGENTS.  This tome tells all about how others do it.  It’s worth a read.

But what Steve learned in Denver at the 20th StarPower Conference is that agents are “right-sizing” their business  overhead.  They are letting some of their staff go and re-focusing their efforts.  So if you don’t have a staff, but you need help, imagine hiring a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to help organize your data base, get your social networking kick-started, or to help you connect with past customers for more repeat business and referrals.  You don’t need to rent space, buy a desk, or even give direct supervision.  That’s handled.

Sure, this is a tough market.  But there is lots of opportunity for a focused agent with a vision. In fact, I believe there are THIRTEEN TOOLS FOR A TOUGH MARKET.  One is a clear vision.  Another is the ability to use the phone to connect with past customers, clients, and potential business.  And yet another is having a part-time assistant to help you multiply your efforts and profit faster.

I’m suggesting you ask yourself if you need a little help to get organized or to turnaround your business before the business turns around.  Well?

I checked them out, and invite you to do the same.

What’s NEXT?

All the best.


To see how Best Agent Business can help you, check it out!

Best Agent Business Describes their services: We provide part-time virtual real estate assistants for top agents nationwide, at a reasonable price.  Here you will be able to explore our services, sign up to receive free ideas and materials, look over the benefits that Best Agent Business provides, and email us at sales@bestagentbusiness.com.  You may also schedule a call with Steve Kantor, President of Best Agent Business to discuss your needs and get a proposal within 24 hours.  We could be helping you within a few days.  Schedule a call today.

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How To Buy in This Market

Posted by Dave Beson on August 25, 2009

We can learn and earn and influence our present. That’s a huge benefit of real estate as a career. Our greatest asset is our ability to earn. So instead of watching our bank assets bounce with volatility, let’s make our earnings bounce.

One way to do that is to buy timber, or natural gas, or pork bellies.  If you don’t know those, then why not buy what you know.  Find one good home you can buy and fix up and work to make another $25,000 or more in one year or less.  This is an increase in equity, and may not be a cash profit.  Buy and hold for long-term profits.

You see it’s risky to try new things. Focusing on what we do best will help us add to our present value and our future worth.

Thirty years ago my wife Diane and I scraped wallpaper, painted houses, and did whatever it takes to get homes fixed up and for rent.  Today we have a few paid for homes that may just help us in our retirement.  Get rich slow.

Forget flipping for an immediate profit.  Hold and profit monthly with the best rental market we’ve seen in years!

Can you find one home this year to buy and fix up and rent?

Are you doing it?

Why not have another cash flow…that’s the ticket.

I’ll be writing about human, social,financial and emotional capital in a future blog. We’ll get there!

This won’t work for everyone, but if you’re thinking of working harder and winning, this could be a booster for you.

Dave  Beson

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